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Waterproof 3528 LED strip light is a sort of LED strip light, which uses anodized aluminum as base. It is easily connected and installed with accessories. Adopting high bright 3528 LED as light source makes the light output smoothly and evenly. Besides, relative to traditional lighting, the outstanding advantages of Waterproof 3528 LED strip light can be summarized as: (1)energy saving with low power consumption, low heat; (2)high brightness and long life, reliable performance; (3)high intensity, no RF interference; (4)solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant; (5)major reduction in power costs; (6)Maintenance free, easy installation. Meanwhile, this 3528 LED strip light is waterproof for your both indoor and outdoor applications. It is extensively designed for architectural decorative lighting, edge lighting, amusement park, theater and mood lighting, emergency hallway lighting, auditorium walkway lighting, stairway accent lighting, concealed lighting, backlighting for signage letters, channel letter lighting, emergency exit path lighting, cove lighting and so on.

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