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6W GU10 RGB LED spotlight is a type of new LED lighting product with the lamp base GU10. Its power is 6W. 6W GU10 RGB LED spotlight adopts LED as light source with low power consumption and long life. So it is quite attractive to architecture decoration. The color of this LED spotlight is RGB tri-color. The optical beam angle is from 6 to 25 degrees, people can choose the intensity based on their requirement - narrow beam for a dedicated reading light, wide beam for more diffuse mood lighting. In addition, 6W GU10 RGB LED spotlight has many features including protection of eyesight, high efficiency, high safety factor, easy to control, light-color soft, bright, colorful, 360-degree light design, environmental protection, high lumious effciency, health, green and so on. It is widely used in indoor lighting, stage lighting, advertisement signage lighting, shop window art gallery, marketplace lighting, PUR, KTV, restaurant, hotel, saloon lighting, household decoration lighting, garden sight, collectors lighting, stage upholstery, mood lighting, advertising lighitng, etc.

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