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5W LED candle light is a kind of light which adopts LED as light source. The light body is in candle shape. As replacement for traditional incandescent candle bulbs, the main advantages of5W LED candle light can be summarized as follows: (1) no UV or IR radiation; (2) safety, low voltage power supply, no electric shock; (3) low heat, low energy consumption than traditional metal halide lamp; (4) easy to install; (5) energy-saving and long life span; (6) no mercury or hazardous materials, environment friendly. 5W LED candle light can emit the flame which flickers like real candle. It is controlled directly by switch and can be lighted on/off by blowing. Its colors include colors, red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc. It can change color by itself. This light is designed for residential and commercial lighting, shop-windows, galleries, museums, meeting rooms, exhibitions, hotel loft, table lamp, decorating lamp, garden and so on.

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