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High Power LED ball Bulb is a type of Bulb which uses High Power LED as its lighting source, and the appearance of it looks like a ball. Generally speaking, LEDs is widely used in semiconductor products. LEDs are semiconductor diodes that typically emit a single wavelength of light when charged with electricity. Originally red, today, several colors can be generated based on the material used for the tips of the probes. Aluminum indium gallium phosphate (AlInGaP) is used for red and yellow. It is featured with high efficiency, energy saving, environment protection and long lifespan. When it is concerned to the classification of High Power LED ball Bulb, they have JDR, E14, E17, E26, E27, and GU10 bases for option. High Power LED ball Bulb adopts the better heat–conduction magnesium alloy and obtained the appearance and structure designing patent. The high-power LED flat cluster package and systematic design of radiator and lamp holder guarantee LED heat dissipation and life time and fundamentally meet any design of the structure and shape. It is widely applied in shopping mall, jewelry shops meeting room, exhibition lighting, residential lighting, entertainment place, landscape, and engineering projects.

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