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3W E27 RGB LED spotlight is a kind of LED spotlight with E27 base. It uses super bright Cree, bridge lux or Edison LEDs as light source with high intensity, low consumption and long lifespan. Its power is 3W. The color is RGB tri-color. 3W E27 RGB LED spotlight is easy to install and save energy. Compared to traditional bulbs, it has no subsidiary fixture like ballasts and starters. Futhermore, 3W E27 RGB LED spotlight is featured with no noise, no flickering, no UV or IR radiation, anti-shock, anti-moisture, impact resistance, shock-proof and no warm up time required. Additionally, pure aluminum house and high transparent PMMA lens are used as this light materials. These materials are good for heat dissipation. At the same time, advanced constant current driver is applied in this LED spotlight for its stability and security. Consequently, 3W E27 RGB LED spotlight is suitable for indoor lighting, stage lighting, advertisement signage lighting; shop window art gallery, marketplace lighting; pur, ktv, restaurant, hotel, saloon lighting; household decoration lighting, garden sight, collectors lighting; stage upholstery, mood lighting; advertising lighitng and more applications.

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