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18W T8 LED fluorescent tube is a kind of fluorescent tube with base T8. Its power is 18W. It adopts high bright LED as light source. Compared with traditional fluorescent tube, 18W T8 LED fluorescent tube has many features which are listed as below: (1)solid-state, high shock /vibration resistant; (2)major reduction in power costs, energy-saving; (3)no RF interference, no buzzing noise, No UV, IR radiation; (4)no fluorescent flickering; (5)no hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment; (6)no danger of broken glass; (7)maintenance free, easy installation; (8)long lifetime; (9)low power consumption, high intensity. In addition, 18W T8 LED fluorescent tube is comprised of aluminum alloy body and transparent or frosted plastic cover. It is popular in hotels, conference/meeting rooms, factories and offices, commercial complexes, residential/institution buildings, schools, pathway lighting, subway stations, general lighting, commercial lighting, plant growing lighting, and more.

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