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RB electronic limited is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development and sales of LED products for years. We own 200 employees, which include 30 R&D, production and QC personnel. We are equipped with dvanced automatic “ASM” die bonder, wire bonder, sealing device, "Changyu" spectrum & color separation machines. Due to our joint effort, we have received warm welcome in the LED field. With our many years' experience in LED light source, we can manufacture a variety of LED products which are save energy and long lifespan. Our products cover the indoor lighting and outdorr lighting: smd bulb, smd coin bulb, high power led bulb, SMD G4 series, led strip, linear light, tude light, etc. Besides, we are committed to making SMD lighting that are compacte size, high int... (More)
  • RB electronic limited
  • China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
  • Contact:Odie Contact Now
  • Jibei village ,Shuangshui Town ,Xinhui District,Jiangmen city ,Guangdong Province, China .
  • 0086-750-8262696
  • http://www.super-bright-led.com


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