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Pros Light is an established high-tech factory specialized in the research, development, engineering, and marketing of LED based lighting solutions. We have professional engineers always staying at the forefront of LED technology. We are especially well-placed in the field of Power LED thermal management and related lighting solutions.

Our main products:

Indoor lighting for home light, commercial light-
1. High power led bulb & spotlight ( 1w, 3w, 4w, 5w, 6w, 7w, 9w, 10w, 12w)
2. SMD led bulb
3. Led tube light T5, T8, T10
4. Led downlight and ceiling light ( 3w, 6w, 9w, 15w etc.)
5. Led Panel Light
6. Led wall lamp
7. Led cabinet light bar

Outdoor lighting for decoration-
1. Led wall washer & floodlight
2. Led flexible strip and Led light bar
3. Led neon flex and neon tube
4. Led module for channel letter and backlighting
5. Led street light E40 base 28w, 30w, 36w

1. Led controller and dimmer, signal amplifier
2. Led power supply ( non-waterproof and waterproof)
3. Led Auto bulb like G4 bulb, led dome light, fog light etc.

Clients are welcome to buy our standard products, or send us OEM requests. You will be impressed by our quality and prices, please contact us now!

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  • 86-755-29058965