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Goldensand Electronic CO.,LTD is an independent distributor of electronic components and LED products. We are specialized in some famous brands including AD, ALTERA, XILINX, TI, Fairchild, ST, PMC, PHILIPS, ON, NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, SEMICRON, FUJI, INFINEON, MITSUBISH, SIEMENS. The products are widely used in IT, telecommunications, remote control, control systems, automobiles, machinery, instrument, appliance control, military, aviation, and satellite, etc. We not only have access to a huge stock database, but are able to offer fast delivery at competitive price. We would try the best to build up a long-term benefit cooperation relationship with domestic and oversea client. And our mission is to offer you the best service by supplying the highest quality product and on-time de... (More)
  • China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
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  • Room 10D,City Centre Building,Fuhua Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,China
  • 86-0755-83372186


More Products ..

  • SPE27-10W-V4


    LCD Spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:5PCS*2W CREE XP-E Co...

  • SPMR16-10W-30


    LED Spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC/DC12V LED Power:5PCS*2W Color:R,G,B,Y,...

  • SPGU10-10W-30


    LED spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:5PCS*2W Color:R,G,B,Y,...

  • SPE27-10W-30


    LED spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:5PCS*2W Color:R,G,B,Y...

  • SPE27-5W-02


    LED spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:5PCS*1W Color:R,G,B,Y,...

  • SPE27-7W-02


    INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:7PCS*1W Color:R,G,B,Y,CW,WW

  • SPE27-5W-48


    LED Spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:5PCS*1W Color:R,G,B,...

  • SPE27-7W-49


    LED Spotlight INPUT Voltage:AC100-240V LED Power:7PCS*1W Color:R,G,B,Y...