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How to choose LED lamps

Published:2012-10-26 16:11:26 Author:Dara From:LEDEase Blog

With the rapid development and extensive application of high brightness LED, red LED plays a dominant role in acrylic luminous advertisement signs. At the same time, LEDs with diverse colors are improving their brightness and power in a large extent. Hence, the LED illumination market is predictable. In future application of acrylic luminous signs and advertisement billboards, LED will gain more market share and develop much faster.

At present, the cost of produce LED is decrease step by step, while the demand of market is increase. LED lamp is not only replace incandescence lamps and neon lights, but also providing a more perfect illumination effect. The designers make their efforts to providing more reasonable LEDs in order that draw more attention in different field. In the LED market, the competition is quite fierce, both good and bad LEDs are intermingled. When choosing LED lamps, consumers should be calm and analytical, trying to pick out LED lamps with best performance to price ratio.

There are some basic principles we should pay attention to when choose LED lamps, which can summaries as follow: (1) LED with better antistatic performance; (2) LED with consistent wavelength; (3) LEDs with different brightness; (4) LED with small electricity leakage; (5) The size of LED chips; (6) LEDs with different lighting angle; (7)LED chips with different prices; (8) The life span of LED; (9) Colloid that has anti-ultraviolet radiation and fireproofing functions is better.

What’s more, there is distinct design in every kind of LED lamp in order to fit specific application environment. So users should make sure before that. Get a proper LED lamp is the most important principle. In addition, they must consider factors such as healthy safety, electric safety, environmental safety, fireproofing safety, mechanism safety and safety time limit.

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