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Farnell has exclusive stock at launch of new Cree LED lighting modules

Published:2012-10-27 23:24:04 Author:Allen From:LEDEase Blog

As the leading muti-channel distributor, Farnell announces exclusive stock in Europe at launch of new Cree LED modules. With TrueWhite and EasyWhite technology to choose, the new Cree LMR4 modules offer a simple drop-in solution which uniquely merges driver electronics, optics, and primary thermal management.


Cree TrueWhite supplys a first-class combination of high quality and color rendering with high energy efficiency. TrueWhite LMR4 modules use only 12W while delivering 700 lumens at a colour temperature of 2700 with a colour rendering index (CRI) >90. Cree EasyWhite modules are expanded to a broader range of applications with a CRI >80. Both technologies allow dimming to 5% with over 35,000 hours lifespan at L70.


By its multi-channel approach and ability to provide design engineers with extensive technical information and resources like the element14 online technology portal and eCommunity, Farnell will be committed to advancing the adoption of LED lighting for both new designs and those that currently utilize more traditional lighting ways.


“This announcement significantly strengthens Farnell’s already authoritative position as a source for solid state lighting products, information and support,” said Paul Ward, Opto Product Manager, Farnell. “Cree is a leading name in the LED lighting sector and its LMR4 module product range is another important step forward in accelerating the adoption of versatile, energy efficient and long lasting LED solutions.”


According to the announcement, Mark Despotes, Cree vice president of channel sales, said: “Premier Farnell is helping bring the LED Lighting Revolution to lighting OEMs around the world and Cree LMR4 modules are available in Europe from Farnell and globally through Newark (U.S.) and Element 14 (Asia). Simplifying the design-in process can shorten the time-to-market for new LED lighting products and our Premier Farnell channel partners customers now have access to our industry-proven Cree TrueWhite technology and Cree EasyWhite solutions, allowing them to quickly deliver better products to the market, faster.”

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